Small Gatherings

 At a funeral or graveside service one of the most important things people gather to do is to honor and celebrate the life of the person who has died.  However, to keep each other safe during the COVID-19 pandemic that is not physically possible.

At Guare & Sons, many of our families have spoken to us about the challenges of having to choose only a few people who can be present at the funeral or graveside service. 

There are many different ways to approach thinking about how to limit who you invite. It may be immediate family, or people who are local. The key shared with us by our families is to approach the decision with intention and compassion.



Things to keep in mind:

Per The Vermont Department of Health, most people who travel to Vermont must self-isolate for a period of time prior to interacting with community.

Social distancing regulations mean that groups that have been in isolation together may stand together, those that have not must maintain at least 6 feet of distance between them.

If you are planning on live-streaming a service, internet connections can vary widely so you may need to record the ceremony instead. 

If you simply cannot limit the number of people who want to attend consider organizing a car parade. People can decorate their cars in honor of your loved one and drive past the gravesite before returning to their homes. If you choose this option please remind people that they must stay in their cars.


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